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Consent granted for partial demolition, rebuild and additional works in the Green Belt

CSJ Planning have secured planning permission for a range of measures to restore Upper Mill Farm, Barrow Gurney in order to ensure its long term protection.

The planning application comprised a range of proposed works; including the conversion the existing granary to incidental residential accommodation, the demolition of an existing ‘wing’ of the dwelling, which was structurally unsound, to facilitate its reconstruction with a minor degree of re-siting (and increase in footprint) and the provision of a single storey glazed/aluminium extension to the rear elevation and a range of further minor amendments, including new windows and doors.

Whilst the buildings on site are not listed, nor within a defined and adopted Conservation Area, it was acknowledged that works towards the finalisation and adoption of a Barrow Gurney Conservation Area were progressing. The associated Character Appraisal outlined that Upper Mill Farm is a building of local interest and thus constitutes a non-designated heritage asset. As such, it was important to demonstrate via a Heritage Statement that the proposed works were respectful of the site’s character and respected its significance in accordance with para 135 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Also, given the site’s location within the Green Belt, it was important to outline that extensions to existing dwellings in the Green Belt should not be considered inappropriate so long as they do not result in disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original building. In this instance, it was demonstrated that the proposed works, including the new extensions and minor re-siting of the western wing, following its demolition and rebuild, would not result in significant additions to the existing building and were therefore compliant with district level policies and the provisions of NPPF para 89. Consent was therefore granted by the Local Planning Authority.



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