Stibbs Hill, St George, Bristol


Land Promotions Limited


CSJ Planning Consultants has secured planning permission for 13 new residential dwellings (2 and 3 bed) at a site in St George, Bristol, known as Stibbs Hill.  The application was submitted on behalf of Land Promotions Limited, a new development company based in Weston-super-Mare.

The site formerly contained a residential dwelling which fell into disrepair and eventually was demolished under the Environmental Protection Act, although privately owned the site became overgrown scrub land and has been subject to a number of nuisances including fly tipping and anti-social behaviour, and was allocated as open space in the Local Plan.

The acquisition of the site by Land Promotions Limited has provided the opportunity for a mixed use scheme, following an Ecological Survey of the site which delivered a concept plan to provide 13 new houses in the southern part of the site, with a proposed new nature reserve on the northern upper slopes of the site which would link into the wildlife corridors in the wider east Bristol area.

Andrew Beard, Director of CSJ Planning Consultants, stated "This is the sort of scheme that will have to come forward in the future to meet the Regional Spatial Strategy targets for new housing growth.  This scheme balances the important factors of providing new affordable family homes, whilst respecting the needs within urban areas for green spaces and nature conservation."

It is anticipated that construction will commence early in 2010.

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Stibbs Hill, St George