Roegate House, Bristol


Sovereign Housing Association


CSJ Planning Consultants has secured planning permission for 22 new residential dwellings (2, 3 and 4 bed) surrounding a tower block in Speedwell, Bristol, known as Roegate House.  The application was submitted on behalf of Sovereign Housing Association, a Registered Social Landlord, for 100% affordable housing and was approved at 23rd September 2009 South and East Area Committee.

The site is currently open space and a garage block surrounding the tower block that is unused and become prone to vandalism. The proposal is part of Bristol City Council's Garage Strategy to develop under-used garage block for affordable housing and as part of the proposal the remaining open space to the tower block is proposed to be secured for the residents of Roegate House and enhanced with substantial planting.

Chris Rose, Associate Director of CSJ Planning Consultants, stated "This proposal makes an efficient use of under-used space surrounding the tower block and will not only result in the provision of usable and secure amenity space for the occupiers of Roegate House but provide 22 much needed affordable homes for Bristol."

It is anticipated that construction work will commence  early in 2010.

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Roegate House