Penpole Inn Public House, Bristol


Land Promotions Ltd


CSJ Planning Consultants has recently secured full planning permission on behalf of Land Promotions Limited for the demolition of the vacant Penpole Inn Public House on Kings Weston Lane, Bristol and erection of nine 3-bed houses.

The site is located within a residential urban area and the public house had a history of attracting anti-social behaviour. Given this and the benefits that redevelopment of the site can provide both visually and in terms of the provision of much needed housing, the principle of residential development was accepted by Bristol City Council.

The proposal has a good relationship with a listed farmhouse on the opposite side of Barrowmead Drive and will be of a typical residential scale and the massing and design of the dwellings take their cue from the 3-storey listed farmhouse using a simple pallet of local materials.

Due to the presence of dense tree planting to the northern site boundary, during the course of the application the building was surveyed for bats at the request of Bristol City Council. The surveys confirmed that there were no bats roosting in the building.

Construction is planned to commence before the end of this year.

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Penpole Inn Public House