Sky Hotel, Reading


Imperial Property (Reading 2) Limited and Radisson SAS Hotels and Resorts


A full planning application for the demolition of the site's existing building and its replacement with a 29 storey, 237 bedroom, 4* hotel with ancillary facilities including a restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and conferencing suites has been submitted following pre-application discussions with Reading Borough Council, CABE, and English Heritage. An Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken as part of the planning process, and CSJ Planning wrote and coordinated the supporting Environmental Statement, with key input from a number of consultants on the various technical topic areas covered. The proposal seeks an architecturally innovative, landmark building, which is integrated into the existing, dynamic contextual fabric of Reading’s station area. A contemporary approach to public art has been taken by renowned artists SOFTROOM, and has been integrated into the structure of the building as an important feature of the overall design. There is extant planning consent for a 22 storey mixed use scheme on the site, which constitutes the baseline conditions for the site, in terms of consideration of the currently proposed scheme and the planning merits associated with it. The main planning issues to be considered are; the impact of the proposal upon important views and the setting of neighbouring listed buildings; the changes in the environmental conditions within the public realm, such as wind and overshadowing; the principles surrounding the changes in land use; the suitability of the site for a hotel; changes in travel patterns and impact upon public transport infrastructure; the relationship of the proposed building upon neighbouring residential amenity in terms of natural light, privacy, and noise; and the implications for any surviving archaeological remains on the site.

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Reading Borough Council

Sky Hotel