Ground Floor Retail and Travelodge, 101 Victoria St, Redcliffe, Bristol


Electricity Supply Nominees Ltd


Fullplanning permission was granted by Bristol City Council by delegated authority on17th August 2009 for a 155 bedroom hotel for Travelodge, withflexible use units on the ground floor. 

Theapplication site has been vacant for a number of decades and has extantplanning consent for a five-storey office building. 

Therecently approved hotel scheme involves a six-storey building with a similarsiting, footprint, and scale to the extant office approval but with a robustdesign, more responsive to the character of the immediate locality.

Theapplication followed a consultation with key stakeholders, including theRedcliffe Futures Group, and members of the public.  The scheme generated only two objections,both from the same occupant, out of a total of 187 notification letters sent bythe Council as part of the statutory consultation exercise.

CSJPlanning negotiated a five year planning consent; asignificantly reduced package of s106 planning obligations in comparison to theextant office approval; and a flexible consent that will enable the groundfloor unit to be divided into a maximum of three and for a variety of purposeswithin the A1/A2/A3/A4/B1/D1/D2 Use Classes. 

Theextant scheme secured £280,000 towards the proposed King Street Bridge incomparison to £42,000 towards the bridge and £2,400 to fund a TRO associatedwith a new coach-drop off to serve the hotel on St Thomas Street.  

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Ground Floor Retail and Travelodge