Lyddington Road, Southmead, Bristol


Hanover Housing Association


The development proposal, secured by CSJ Planning, provided a total of 48 units comprising 33 one bedroom units and 15 two bedroom units.  This provided for an identified local need for older people of 55 years of age and older.  The complex included a range of ancillary community facilities and on site parking provision and will provide a wide range of care needs to allow people to live in their individual flats and to receive care in their own homes.

The new units and ancillary facilities will be provided in a u-shaped block which range from between one storey and three stories in height providing a suitable scale and massing for this form of land use and reflects other forms of local authority housing and elderly accommodation in the city.

The planning application was developed with Bristol City Council, stakeholders and local residents through pre application discussions.

Director, Jeremy Bladon said "These facilities are an important part of the fabric of local communities and we are proud to be associated with this development".

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Lyddington Road, Southmead