Former Mercedes Garage

Former Mercedes Garage, Winterstoke Road, Bristol


Access Self Storage Ltd


CSJ Planning has secured planning permission for the re-development of the former Mercedes Garage on Winterstoke Road.

The approved scheme, as designed by MAA Architects, comprises the erection of a three-storey building to provide 9,764 sq m commercial floorspace for B8 self-storage use for Access Self Storage and a three-storey residential terrace, comprising 7 no. two bedroom maisonettes and 7 no. one bedroom flats, with associated off-street car, bicycle and motorcycle parking, refuse/recycling storage, and hard and soft landscaping

The scheme retains a local landmark, an Art Deco building and clock tower.  Although there are not listed they have been retained as an integral part of the scheme and have been integrated into the self storage facility.  The scheme provides a very modern façade for this element of the building with the use of multicoloured polycarbonate panels.

The three storey residential terrace will complete the southern side of Bower Ashton Terrace. This is an unresolved, one sided residential street and this element of the scheme will ensure that this street is given back to residential use, as for many years it provided the rear entrance to the garage site.  The scheme will provide off street parking spaces, private amenity space to the rear of the apartments and maisonettes and shared amenity space outside the art deco building.

The scheme will also provide a financial obligation towards open space which will be spent on Greville Smyth Park.

The proposal underwent a stakeholder consultation exercise during the pre application stage and secured a high level of local resident and business support. 

Access Self Storage is the second largest self-storage company in the UK and the largest within the greater London area.  The Company does not yet operate within the South West but intends to expand their business within the region, with Bristol being the first location.

Local Authority

Bristol City Council