Melbourne Road, Bristol


Johnsey Developments Limited


CSJ Planning secured plannig permission for the rentention of a porch through the Written Represenation appeal process.

On the basis of residents complaints following the erection of a single storey porch constructed to the front of the property Bristol City Council advised that this did not fall within permitted development rights. The porch was subsequently demolished and rebuilt in line with comments received from Bristol City Council.

However, the advice provided by the Council had been incorrect as the porch was within 2m of a highway and so still did not fall within permitted development rights. Enforcement action was instigated by the Council which resulted in the submission of a householder application.

This was subsequently refused in September 2008 on the basis that there were no other porches within the terrace and the porch would be an incongruous feature in the streetscene and as it protruded in front of the existing building line it appeared unduly prominent.

Following the submission of the appeal the Planning Inspector concluded that the design of the porch did not conflict with the relevant Built Environment policies contained within the adopted Bristol Local Plan nor within relevant advice contained within a Supplementary Planning Document.

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Melbourne Road