Archfield Road, Cotham, Bristol




CSJ Planning has recently secured planning and conservation area consent for the demolition and replacement of an existing coach house with a 2 bed dwelling house.

The coach house a relatively rare example of this form of historic outbuilding and is located to the far north-eastern corner of the garden of 15 Archfield Road.  It makes a positive contribution towards the character of the Cotham, Redland and Gloucester Road conservation area.

Given the structural integrity, the cost of reconstruction works and the compromised end result that would inevitably ensue, Officer's of Bristol City Council previously agreed to the demolition of the coach house.

Previous applications were refused and dismissed at appeal due to the modern architectural appearance, scale, height, massing and alignment of the scheme which would harm the character and appearance of the Conservation Area as a whole.  The Inspector's conclusions provided a sound basis upon which CSJ submitted these fresh applications. 

CSJ Planning undertook extensive pre application discussions with Officers of Bristol City Council and the Redland and Cotham Amenities Society in order to draw up a sensitive scheme to address the Inspector's conclusions.  

The high quality traditional design of the proposed dwelling takes its scale from the existing coach house and is smaller than the grand Victorian villas either side.  The proposed development is clear of its boundaries and employs materials of the locality.

The Council in supporting the application concluded that: "The proposal would preserve the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and would not detract from the amenities of local residents".

Local Authority

Bristol City Council

Archfield Road, Cotham